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Crystina Z.


There are 74 5* reviews and this will be the 75th. for good reason! It’s also taken a good while for me to write because I wanted to do Elin as much justice as possible in my praise of her. I really can’t say enough good things about her but this review is me trying my best! It's a long one, so buckle up and grab a glass of wine or tea or whatever tickles your fancy. And possibly some snacks too. TLDR though: Elin is the most patient, kind, knowledgeable, helpful, amazing Realtor® we've ever come across. I would recommend her in a heartbeat and wish I had more friends buying in the area so that I could recommend her to them! plus she got us our ideal property - with all the criteria we wanted and more - within budget. We are so glad we were able to work with her and wouldn’t hesitate to call her if or when we need a Realtor® again. Storytime! You know that period in Spring 2021 where properties were selling like hotcakes for 20%+ above list price and you literally wondered if people had money trees growing in their back yard (and if so, where could I get one?) because where on earth would they be getting their money from otherwise? Oh, and we were still deep in a pandemic? Well, that's the period my husband and I ingeniously decided to begin our house hunt as first-time buyers. I know, we have just the most impeccable timing! I didn’t think we had a small budget, but when we tried to find realtors to work with, one hung up on us and never called us back. Another laughed at us saying that it would be impossible for us to buy what we wanted and said that we wouldn’t even be permitted to view any properties until we had a pre-approval letter (without explaining what that was or how to go about obtaining one). It felt like we were basically stopped in our tracks before we’d even begun. Not gonna lie, I felt so disheartened I almost wanted to give up right there and then. Enter Elin, who was basically the biggest ray of sunshine, had the friendliest disposition and most joyous personality whilst also being an absolute star at her job, crazy knowledgable and helpful. She instantly made us feel at ease and assured us multiple times that there were no stupid questions, and that we could feel free to ask her anything about the buying process. (Also spoiler alert: she ended up getting us exactly what we were looking for within our budget. She never made us feel like our budget was too small for her to work with, and never pushed us to submit an offer higher than what we were comfortable with. She gently guided us through the entire process and basically hand-held us from beginning to end. She was respectful and kind throughout and is possibly one of the most patient people I’ve ever met. She patiently worked with us as we viewed property after property (some with multiple viewings), submitted offer after offer (even staying up late to get the offer submitted on time), and never once complained or made us feel like we were bothering her. I lost count of how many properties we viewed and how many failed offers she helped us to submit over our ~2-3mo house-hunting period but it was a lot. Elin always made time for us despite being busy herself, and honestly, at one point my husband and I were disappointed that we might not be able to get her a big enough agent’s fee since we started looking at properties much lower than our original budget. But she never once made us feel like we wouldn’t be worth her time. In fact, she was just overjoyed for us that we found properties that we liked. She has a genuine desire to help people, and we are so, so thankful that we met her and that she agreed to be our agent. In the end, not only was the property we purchased exactly what we had hoped for at the start of our hunt, but it was also around the budget that we originally established with her. And we were so happy because we literally considered paying her extra ourselves if we purchased something too far below budget because she deserved every penny and more. As first-time buyers, we were utterly lost and overwhelmed, but Elin made herself available throughout every step of the process, and made everything so much easier and actually fun! We had so much fun working with her, and she has even kept in touch with us afterward (we got our painters from her!) We’re looking forward to inviting her round for dinner once we’re a little more settled and uh, actually have a dining table and chairs. This property won’t be our forever home, so when it comes time to sell we will definitely be reaching out to Elin. And if you’re wondering who you should ask to be your buyer’s agent, please do yourself a big favor and contact her. You will not regret it!

Jennifer I.


I’m not sure I can fully capture just how great Elin is in a short review. She was wonderful. We enlisted Elin to help us buy a house and I was continually amazed at how thorough and knowledgeable she was. But she wasn’t one of those uppity, detached realtors you hear about. Her customer service was really astounding. She gave us so much of her time listening to our wish lists, walking us through steps, showing us houses. She never tried to persuade us one way or another but made sure we had all the facts to make our own decisions. When we wanted to bid low on a house because it needed a lot of work, she let us know that it probably wouldn’t work, but that we should bid what it was worth to us. But she never bats an eye at the extra work or tries to talk us out of it. We bid, and she was right, it didn’t work. Instead, she showed us several more houses. It was during the initial shutdown of Covid and there were so many hoops to jump through. But she maneuvered through them all with grace. Every time she showed us a house, she was sure to point out the work that needed to be done, the questions we needed to ask, etc. She didn’t try to sugarcoat so she could make a quick sale. She always operated with our best interest in mind. She also shared with us considerations she would have if she was the seller of the property, making me confident she would also be a great Realtor® for selling a house too. We endured several disappointments in our home search, but Elin kept assuring us that we would get the house we were supposed to have. Oh my goodness was she right! The house we ended up in is so much more perfect than the ones we were heartbroken over. It’s exactly what we wanted and, more importantly, needed for our family. We could not be happier! But the completed sale wasn’t the end for Elin. She continues to occasionally check-in and send us reminders about the house. Like I said, astounding customer service. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone and she will always be my pick for any future Realtor® needs.

Lynn & Zarni


Elin Matter is such an experienced professional that we have had the best home buying experience ever, period. We met Elin back in November through a recommendation from a co-worker. She was very patient and gave us plenty of time even though we were uncertain of buying a house at that point. Every time I had simple questions about a random neighborhood, she would already go above and beyond by doing thorough research or even visiting the sites and talking with the builder agents in some cases and get back to us with the detailed information, time and time again. We were amazed by the quality level of timely response from her in so many cases that we decided to work with her. Elin never rushes or pressures (at all) and always gives us plenty of time (which by the way is rare these days) and listens to us first and then always (always) goes through all the do's and don'ts to protect us (the buyers). Finally, we found our dream home in Danville, and the real work started. She helped us with so many little things that we may have overlooked. She executed this whole transaction with vast knowledge, experience, and professionalism. She tackled hiccups and bumps here and there caused by other parties with ease. We were able to close the whole thing in 28 days without a loan contingency, many thanks to her. To sum up, I believe there may be other realtors that are as knowledgeable or experienced as Elin. What stood out for us is two things 1) she genuinely cares about her clients (us) and 2)her high-quality work is so thorough in tiny little details that we had such peace of mind throughout the whole transaction (which is the most valuable thing a home buyer can ask for).


Linda is simply the best! Our family could not be happier and I will sing her praises to anyone who will listen. She is the quintessential professional - in-depth knowledge of the Bay Area market, exceptional negotiator, highly responsive, and hands-down best service with her team. Beyond being an exceptional professional, she takes real estate to the next level of personal touch. We interviewed a number of realtors and when I first met Linda, I just knew she was going to be the perfect fit. Even though she has many clients, she made us feel like we were her only client with her level of involvement and guidance through the whole process. She was able to get us our dream home and we are forever grateful for her quick turnaround and attention to detail with putting together a competitive offer and sealing the deal even before the open house! She also has a long list of exceptional tradesmen for anything you could ever need, and we are so grateful she put us in touch with a fabulous painter and locksmith once we moved in. We feel so fortunate to have worked with Linda and her team, and highly highly highly recommend!


We worked with Linda to sell our house in Concord CA and the experience was fantastic. With two small children, we did not have the time needed to dedicate to all the small details related to the sale of our first home but Linda and her team were there to help and support us at every single step of the way. Whether it was giving us valuable insights into our home price and comparables, helping us prepare for the open house, or scheduling and being present for all inspections, Linda and her team were always right there supporting us through the entire process. Linda was incredibly helpful, responsive, professional, and looking out for our best interests during the sale of our first home. With Linda's experience and guidance, we were able to sell our home in less than a week for over asking price! We enjoyed working with Linda so much that she also helped us purchase our new home which was a very smooth and enjoyable process. We would highly recommend Linda to anyone looking for an elite real estate agent that is detail-oriented and truly values her client's needs!

Roland M.


Elin helped us to sell the house in a very short period. She is very professional and has a vast knowledge of the market ( especially The Bridges community of San Ramon ). Elin is very fast and professional in managing her team of staging, cleaning, landscaping, etc. She always makes sure her team satisfies the customer. The house picture was amazing, the cleaning and landscaping crew were fair with the price and very professional. Elin answered all our questions with patience and respect. She guided us in a process of selling. Above all Elin helps the school by sponsoring many events. She has a very kind personality and is very easy to work with. She would do everything to make customers happy and satisfied. What else can you ask?

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